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Photo immobilier d'un chalet en Suisse

Video and Photo Production for Real Estate in Switzerland and France


Photographer and videographer specializing in luxury real estate, I work for all types of property: Chalet, house, loft, mansion, castle, restaurant, shop, real estate program. Give your clients the best in terms of quality and real estate visual signature. With a turnkey photo and video solution for creating your real estate media.

Real estate photography

Are you looking to sell or rent an exceptional property in the mountains? Access detailed image quality showing the architecture, details, and space of the property in real estate photography. Whether for a chalet in the mountains or a house, we offer quality photographic work highlighting the room and also the exterior, with a beautiful blue sky. Real architectural photos showing the details, material and configuration of the room to be shot from the most aesthetically pleasing angles.
Access a complete description, panoramic photos of all the rooms and exteriors and also the costing, it's the easiest way to know if the accommodation really concerns you before you move!

A shift is happening in the real estate industry and the online experience is paramount to everyone's success. Professional photography and virtual tours are more important than ever in the real estate industry.

Parallel Lines

real estate video
Film real estate


The real estate video is a considerable argument that facilitates the sale, it is used by our customersfor premium goods, this format hasway advertising the property for rent or sale and offers in one click and in 2 minutes of video an overview for the future buyer. Shootinginterior/outside etdronein order to see the chalet in its context and sublimate it. And pureeach good and different,we  let's makecustom 4k videosforeach good with great finesse in the sharpness of the image and smooth movements to perfect the imageperceived du bien.

The real estate film

Here is an example of a luxury real estate video for an exceptional property located in the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland. With drone, ground, indoor/outdoor shots and the discreet presence of a model to sublimate this house in Tannay in French-speaking Switzerland.


Lifestyle real estate film

This is our flagship offer, our specialty, this videointegrated  actors and film scenarios of good in everyday life, this format sellsdream et constitutes an important position in the development of the notoriety of your real estate agency. It brings life to the house or the chalet and is both attractive and in tune with the times. Lifestyle would be called lifestyle in French. We take care of the casting, the staging, the script and the filming/editing of the film. This filmneed  specific skills that we have been able to perfect over the years, we also work on partnership management, as in this example for the Barnes - Barnes Mont Blanc Agency with product placements in the field watchmaking (Bianchet), caviar (Kaviari), champagne (Perriertoy) and automobiles (Jean Lain). It is the must have of the real estate film and we offer it to you.

HOME TOUR - HOUSE TOUR agence immobiliere


It's a concept that comes straight from the United States, which was born in Miami, the House Tour/Home Tour is a real estate video of a property presented by the real estate agent in person and retracing the history of the house with a precise and professional presentation of the property for remote or non-remote customers. This is the very popular film concept  at the moment and which we are putting on in Switzerland and France. This is a real video tour. This type of video is effective for international customers and those who want to dive deeper. Before starting a visit or buying the property directly via the video. The fact that the agent or the presenter talks about the house in front of the camera is more informative and much more attractive than an ordinary real estate video, which is less captivating. This style of video is suitable for premium properties for picky customers, who do not have time to go there and want a first visit from their phone or computer, remotely. It also helps with Youtube and google referencing and vocal and non-musical presentations are highlighted today and will allow you to reach a qualified and wider audience.

An example?

Video made for a London agency
tour in Switzerland in Tanay.


Advertising is athe sink  to make your franchise or your agency known to a large audience, we also realize them, the idea is to script according to a precise editorial line is clear with a brief and a creative concept in order to impact your audience with astrategy communication (TV,Youtube, social networks) ofwingspan et consistent to target atwhich  the advertising video is destiny. We  let's create the brief, filming preparation and production, casting, location scouting as well as filming and post-production to deliver an advertising film that you will be proud of.

Faubourg Real Estate

"Emotion" Réal  Advertising campaign 2019


Neho Agency

30-second spot for agency

Portrait en studio
Toutes les vidéos

Toutes les vidéos

Watch Now

The film  Employer Brand

Introduce yourself to your customers and your teams.

Nowadays, employer branding goes hand in hand with corporate video. It is an integral part of the employer brand improvement strategy. The objective is to respond to the company's brand image issues.

Putting corporate video at the service of the employer brand is therefore necessary to retain and engage employees.

The corporate film is the ideal way to reflect its brand image. More effective than simple words, it allows a certain amount of information to be transmitted quickly and captivates the Internet user in record time.

In effect,video is among the most engaging formatsthanks to verbal communication, gestures, facial expression, tone, sound or even the way of filming. We also offer interviews or fake interviews as well as reports and fake reports for companies.

The 3d Studio

3d view - Perspective - Animated film

We produce 3d  perspective images with high added value as well as animated film for controlled and impactful communication. Whatever the project, we seek and bring a personal atmosphere to each perspective in order to make your project unique our 3d work isdestined  to developers, builders and real estate agencies.


photographe et vidéaste immobilier, votre expert en photographie immobilière et en vidéo pour les professionnels de l'immobilier.

En tant que professionnel de la photographie et de la vidéo, nous sommes fiers de fournir une qualité exceptionnelle et une expertise inégalée en matière de production de contenu pour l'industrie immobilière. Nous comprenons l'importance de présenter les propriétés immobilières de la manière la plus attrayante possible et de les faire sortir du lot pour attirer l'attention des acheteurs potentiels.

En tant qu'expert en SEO, nous savons comment utiliser les moteurs de recherche pour maximiser la visibilité de votre entreprise et de vos propriétés immobilières en ligne. Nous utilisons les dernières techniques et stratégies pour optimiser le référencement de votre site web et améliorer votre classement dans les résultats de recherche. Cela signifie que vous obtiendrez une visibilité accrue pour vos propriétés et une meilleure opportunité de les vendre rapidement et à un bon prix.

En tant que photographe et vidéaste immobilier, nous sommes des experts en matière de production de contenu pour l'industrie immobilière. Nous travaillons avec des agents immobiliers, des courtiers et des propriétaires pour capturer la beauté et les caractéristiques uniques de chaque propriété. Nous utilisons les dernières techniques de photographie et de vidéo pour créer des images et des vidéos immersives qui présentent les propriétés sous leur meilleur jour.

Enfin, en tant qu'expert en photographie et vidéo, nous savons comment utiliser les médias sociaux pour maximiser la portée et la visibilité de votre entreprise. Nous travaillons avec vous pour développer un plan de médias sociaux efficace qui vous aide à atteindre vos objectifs de marketing et de vente.

Si vous êtes un agent immobilier, un courtier ou un propriétaire à la recherche d'un photographe et vidéaste immobilier de qualité, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour discuter de votre prochain projet. Nous sommes impatients de travailler avec vous pour créer des images et des vidéos de qualité pour votre entreprise.

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