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  • What is the price of a video ad
    The price of an advertising film at Real Estate Media starts at 4,500 euros and can go up to 85,000 euros. The cost of a video advertisement is defined on the material and human resources to be invested, calculated on an hourly price. The stages of a promotional video for your company begins with writing the brief, the concept, it is the guideline of the project and the artistic direction, validated by the client, we move on to the synopsis then to the sequencing, the pre-production consists of finding locations, casting, extras, then filming over one or more days and then we move on to the final stage of video editing, grading and motion design of the promotional film. A video project intended for TV or the Internet will be exported depending on the channel and format of the advertising agency or advertiser. AR Real Estate Media
  • What is the price of a photographer?
    The rate for an advertising, real estate or food photographer is 500 euros / CHF per day.
  • How much does a videographer cost?
    The price of a videographer or video director is between 400 and 500 chf / euros per day.
  • How much does a drone pilot / fpv drone cost
    A drone or fpv drone pilot is between 400 and 800 chf or euros per day depending on the project, fpv generally costs a little more.
  • What is the price of a video?
    An advertising video, real estate, or presentation type report or interview can vary between 1500 and 8000 euros /chf
  • How much does a real estate photographer cost?
    The price of a real estate photo shoot varies from 250 to 800 euros / chf depending on the surface of the property and the number of photos to be taken. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote for your real estate or architecture photo shoot. The rendering of the photographs is within 48 hours.
  • How much does a real estate video cost?
    A prestigious real estate video costs on average between 1500 and 2500 euros / chf for a basic real estate film with drone in 4k quality. For a lifestyle film with actors, staging count at least 3500 euros / chf.
  • Why hire a photographer?
    The advertising, real estate, corporate or portrait photographer is a professional who has enhanced your property, your product or your service, impress your customers or your future prospects by using our photography services in France and in Switzerland.
  • Why hire a professional videographer to shoot a video of my business?
    A real estate film videographer is a video director who will enhance your service, property and company with an editorial line, a team, equipment and quality artistic direction, we will put all our expertise and know-how at your disposal in order to to have a high quality film. We are definitely the best production team in the business.
  • What is the price of a production company?
    Our production company costs 500 euros per day with cameraman + equipment and 800 euros per day with cameraman + soundman. For a complete pack with cameraman/real + soundman + photo director count between 1200 and 1500 euros/chf per day. According to the audiovisual project.
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  • What is an FAQ section? (Demo)
    The FAQ section provides quick answers to commonly asked questions about your business, such as: "Which countries do you ship to?" ", " What are your schedules ? or "How can I book one of your services?" ". FAQs are great for helping people navigate your site and can even improve your site's SEO.
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