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Used our drone for hotel aerial videos or chalet real estate film and advertising. For ever more authentic and grandiose aerial images, we are equipped with several drones and Fpvs to produce impressive and captivating aerial photos and 4k videos.

What is an FPV drone?

An FPV drone (First Person View) is an aerial multirole that allows you to have an immersive vision in video and to enjoy infinite comfort of movement, our freelance pilot is experienced and produces cinematographic and fluid images, which our studio responsible for retouching in post-production. The drone produces 4k images.2 formulas to choose from, the light drone with the latest go pro  on its board and a heavy drone with black magic and the possibility of putting a red on it. Our pilot has the possibility of observing in real time and in a very realistic way what his camera is filming.

Why use a drone in your videos?

For the multitude of possibilities it brings to aerial video. The normal drone is on 3 axes, the eye has become accustomed to this type of service. Today and for a few years the fpv drone has been in fashion, because it allows the viewer to immerse themselves in a film with the possibility of infinite shooting. :

  • Differentiate your property and enhance it compared to classic real estate videos, here is the future you have your hands on a quality and perfectly realized image.

  • Obtaining precise shots (aerial photos or HD video), with optimal framing for better quality results and considerable time savings during editing.

  • This type of performance causes a higher quality rendering than a film shot just on the ground with a cameraman or a videographer, it can be included in a performance filmed on the ground and in the air.

  • The FPV drone can also be useful for observing plots of fields or vines in real time, for monitoring dangerous areas.

What is the price of a drone service?

At Real Estate Film, we offer day and half-day drone services so that the quote and the price adapt to the needs and budget of our customers. Our 4k drone service starts at 500 euros per half day and a heavier service such as advertising or film per day is around 1500 to 3000 euros depending on the camera and the means sent to the customer on site. You can order only a drone service or include aerial video in our audiovisual production. You can contact us and explain your project to us in order to define together a solution and a shooting brief adapted to your hotel, your event, your advertising or your chalet.

Alexandre, drone pilot at  Real estate film.

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